On the issues


Farmington is a great place to do business. Let me say that again, Farmington is a great place to do business.

Jon believes that we need to do everything that we can to lure business to Farmington. Our access to I-84, low tax rate, and beautiful surroundings make Farmington the ideal location for business.

He believes that we need to fight to keep existing business here, listen to their concerns, and work with other boards and commissions to find common ground.

Jon will continue to work with our economic development director to help draw in new business, and continue to expand our Grand List.


Whether it's preserving vital services for seniors, or working to ensure that we continue to have award-winning schools, Jon cares deeply about preserving our quality of life in Farmington.

He understands that the issues that matter most are often those that hit closest to home, such as fighting Rt. 4 traffic, or preserving leaf pick-up.


Jon believes that every child in Farmington deserves a top rate high quality education. It is the reason that many of us live in Farmington.

As a member of the Board of Education during challenging economic times, Jon continued to work diligently to responsibly balance the needs of both our award winning public schools and our community as a whole.


It is no secret that Farmington has challenges with traffic. Working with the necessary bodies, Jon will continue to work to move some of these projects up the State DOT list.

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