Meet Jon Landry

Jon was born in New London and lived in New England for 15 years before his family moved to Washington State where he met his wonderful wife Erika. Jon and Erika just celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary! While they enjoyed their time in Washington, Jon and Erika couldn't help but fall in love with Connecticut during the many visits they made back east to visit family over the years. In 2005, they decided it was the place for them, and they made the big move back. Jon and Erika couldn't be more thrilled with their decision and absolutely love raising two beautiful children here in Farmington.

Whether it's striving to maintain our award-winning school system or providing vital services for seniors, Jon cares deeply about preserving our quality of life here in Farmington. Jon has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to give back to our community as a member of the Town Council for the past four years and as a member of the Board of Education for four years prior to that, and he would like to continue to do so.

In these difficult economic times, we face the challenge of not placing a burden on our families, and continuing to maintain our town’s award-winning school system and excellent core services. Farmington has historically been very prudent in regard to its finances and we must continue to be vigilant in order to keep our fiscal house in order. This means running the most cost-effective town and school system possible, while maintaining the first-rate resident services we all cherish.

Jon and Erika moved their family here precisely because of this fragile balance that Farmington has mastered. Jon is running to follow in the footsteps of decades of strong leadership on our Town Council where he will continue to preserve this balance so that the next generation can enjoy this wonderful place we all know and love.